Pan grilled chicken with Filipino street-style BBQ sauce

Hi guys! You might not have figured out, I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been sent off to a rural hospital and really haven’t been inspired to cook with the lack of ingredients to be found in outback Australia. But seeing as I’ve pretty much gotten tired of steak, schnitzel, fish and chips on a daily basis (ugh), I’ve decided to try to dig deep and start to create food again.

Pan grilled chicken with Filipino street-style BBQ sauce: I figured with the lack of ingredients, I’d make something pretty simple and cheap. I’ve grown up with this recipe created by street vendors of pork skewers. It is pretty much simply cola and catsup.

Since I don’t have a bbq grill, I’ve decided to use the stovetop to pan grill the chicken.

Ingredients: 1 cup cola
1 cup catsup (banana or tomato)
4 chicken breasts
olive oil
fresh cracked pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper

1. In a large pan, warm up the olive oil. Pour in the catsup and the cola and mix well.
2. Put the chicken breasts in to the pan and coat well. Crack the black pepper over the chicken and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. IMG_0454
3. Flip the chicken, crack more black pepper and dust with the cayenne pepper. Simmer for 20 more minutes.
4. Flip again and serve. I’ve thrown in some mixed vegetables into the bbq sauce when I served it.


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